County security needs addressing

I carefully read the Jan. 15 article in the Mirror about the security at our magisterial district courts.

I will comment with first-hand knowledge relative to my visit to the district court (Central Court) location on Dec. 15.

I walked into the building. People lined up wall to wall in the hallway on both sides and no sign of any security. I proceed down the hallway to sign in with no real direction, sign my name and identify myself as a victim or defendant.

I then sit down in the hallway for a while and watch as well as listen to personnel with the DA’s office discuss issues with what I assume to be victims.

Please keep in mind, there is no security at either point of entry. I agree with District Attorney Pete Weeks’ concerns 100%.

I commented on the lack of security earlier and apparently, as the article states, “will remain a topic for discussion for the county’s security committee.”

The time for discussion has passed.

I am respectfully requesting to be appointed to the county’s security committee. I believe I can provide a proactive approach with the mindset of providing a safe environment for every individual that enters these buildings.

If I am not appointed to the committee, I respectfully demand that the county’s security committee meetings are open to and covered by the media in an effort to keep the public informed of how our county’s system functions.

Jerry Fulare



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