Left pushing us all toward electric cars

Those of us wondering why inflation has struck so hard have only to look at one click of Joe Biden’s pen on his very first day in office.

This is when he signed away the ability of the United States, which he pledged with his hand on a Bible to protect and defend, to maintain our position as energy independent.

Forgetting that gas now costs nearly 160% what it was that fateful day, and that this rocket rise has made everything more expensive, it’s really easy to understand the left’s reasoning for wanting gasoline to be so costly.

They have been straightforward enough in declaring that they want us all to be driving electric vehicles, and the sooner the better.

Unable or unwilling to patiently wait for the nation to go all in for all electric vehicles, the left’s leaders decided that by simply decimating the country’s gasoline production the majority of Americans would see the light and realize the futility of driving gasoline powered cars.

We would next be clamouring for electric vehicles ASAP, lining up just like the fraternity boys in “Animal House” and saying, “Thank you, sir, may I have another!” as they were being paddled.

So it’s full speed ahead with their agenda-driven desire to save the planet from any climate catastrophe, never stopping to consider where the electricity will come from, why we would be purchasing most of the batteries for these cars from China, and how people will be spending their time waiting for the cars to recharge every 300 miles or so.

All the while destroying our economy and socking it to the middle class.

Joseph Maschue



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