Experienced teachers are valuable resources

As I read the Altoona Mirror, I saw how many teachers were needed in many districts.

I retired three years ago from the Spring Cove School District.

I know there are many reasons for teacher shortages. The pandemic didn’t help for sure; however, it started years before.

As a retired teacher of 39 years, I can speak on what I have seen, heard and experienced. As a teacher ages, they grow in so many ways.

Their knowledge of subject matter, classroom management, and parent/student relationships are heightened by their years of experience.

So many times, young administrators do not dip into this wonderful pool of maturity.

They believe a few extra years of education makes them the only authority of education in their building.

They develop a “my way or no way” attitude. This is one of the underlying causes of teacher shortages.

This lack of respect for experienced teachers causes early retirement, unwillingness to be a substitute and makes teachers discourage college students from choosing education as a profession.

So young and old administrators, take my advice: Use the knowledge of all your staff.

It may slow down the teaching shortage, increase your test scores and make your building a better place to be and learn.

J. Mark Snyder



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