Sadly, middle class becoming ‘lost class’

The working middle class built the framework for our country.

Inspired by ideals, morals, ethics and 40-plus years of employment, we have sustained the economy through our hard work, tax dollars, and contributions.

Sadly, we are becoming the “lost class” sandwiched in the middle of the wealthy and the people who receive government assistance.

The wealthy may have created jobs, but most at minimum wage with few or nonexistent benefits.

The bulk of their revenue goes to supporting a glamorous lifestyle full of vacation spots, sports cars and immaculate homes.

Their wealth is invested until they accumulate several millions to billions of dollars, which they’ll never spend in a lifetime.

As opposed to funneling any money into society and stimulating the economy, it is hoarded. Their excess of money fuels their entitlement, as they demand and belittle the working class.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have those that have never worked.

I am talking about those who have made this choice, not those who are somehow unable to sustain employment because of a medical condition.

These individuals also live better than the working class because everything is handed to them at the expense of the taxpayers.

They’ve earned nothing, but again, feel entitled to have whatever they desire.

This would be your patients who use the ER as a clinic or incessantly see a doctor for minor complaints that most of us live with and can be treated with Motrin.

They have the newest gaming systems, a smart phone, and even a car. They must live off the government, but still manage to have money for cigarettes, beer, drugs, or whatever else they deem necessary to make them happy.

A monthly check, Section 8, free health care, food stamps, energy assistance, etc. have afforded these individuals with a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

The only faction left to pick up the slack is the middle class, which is slowly being dried up.

Our health care is more expensive and covers less, our taxes continue to climb, and most employers no longer contribute to our retirement (even those with a professional degree).

Workers are simply tired of it. We are tired of holding up the beams of society while everyone else lives free and easy.

I encourage all working class America to write your congressman. Force Washington to address and change this.

No more free rides should be given. The wealthy should pay their share, which is far more than the average citizen.

Government benefits should be given strictly and for a short time only. Bring back our middle America before we lose it all.

Chrissy Friday



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