Government is not working for Americans

Letter to the editor

I read with interest an article in the Altoona Mirror of an individual who worked for years as a coal miner until the mines closed in September.

He now has “no income” to support his family.

He has filed seven claims for unemployment and has called the Pa. Department of Labor and Industry to inquire about the holdup and was told he was number 394,753 on the wait list.

He has contacted his union, the United Mine Workers of America, to no avail.

The Pa. Dept. of Labor and Industry press secretary stated, “L&I fully understands and recognizes the gravity of UC and the stress it places on those who need benefits to make ends meet.”

Where is Gov. Wolf? Nowhere to be found when it comes to UC under his control.

But yet, he recently announced to all state employees a bribe of five days paid leave for every state employee that gets the Covid vaccination. (Since the Pa. treasury is overflowing with cash.)

It appears that government is not for working Americans, but for all the ones that don’t work or don’t want to work and live off of government entitlements paid for by all Americans who pay taxes.

The Biden administration wants to pay $450,000 to each illegal immigrant for their hardship of coming to America illegally.

And there is the child tax credit that is being paid to families automatically monthly in the amount of $300 for each child through age 5 and $250 for older children.

This was to be given through December 2021, but now is included in the bill trying to be passed in Congress to make it permanent. I guess this will cut down on abortions.

No wonder companies are unable to get workers, when why work, when you can live off the government and don’t have to pay taxes on any of the government freebies.

If the recent Virginia and New Jersey elections are any indication of what is happening, bring on the 2022 elections.

Roxine Copp Hollidaysburg


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