Biden, Democrats are ‘ruining America’

Letter to the Editor

In response to Stephen M. LoRosso’s recent letter (“Culture wars don’t effectively govern,” Nov. 8), the Democrats are hurting the middle class more than they are hurting the very wealthy.

Everything since President Biden has taken over — and I mean everything — has skyrocketed in price.

Food (if you can find what you want), gas, utility bills, etc. — inflation is at an all-time high.

Everything Biden has done, from Afghanistan to the trillion dollar infrastructure bill has blown up in his face.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have the lowest ratings of any President/VP in history.

Biden has the blood of 13 dead soldiers on his hands; this was his mess-up and no one else’s.

I was watching the CBS evening news on Nov. 8, and the retired and middle-class people are saying they are so grateful for food banks because they cannot afford to pay for their groceries any longer.

The average middle-class working or retired person cannot afford these types of bills, but this administration is going to pay illegals to come into our country with our money.

Once again, the rich are getting richer and the middle class will be abolished. You will either be rich or poor, no more in between.

Democrats are ruining America. They are allowing illegals to walk into our country and take my money and yours, and they never earned a penny of it.

Illegals are permitted to come into our country unmasked/unvaccinated, but us as American-born citizens are being told we must be masked and vaccinated and if not we cannot work, fly or attend outings.

This is not the American way. Democrats are out of control, and they need to be stopped.

It is embarrassing that Biden is now begging other countries to give us fuel, one of the many things that through the Trump administration we were becoming independent on other countries.

The year 2022 cannot come fast enough. We are now dependent on China again.

Thanks, Joe

Helen Brennan



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