Another loss of life must be prevented

First and foremost, prayers to Officer Rhonda Russell and her three sons; your mother is a true hero.

Prayers to the Altoona police officer as well as the convicted criminal involved. This tragic incident was totally preventable. There is plenty of blame to share, but that is not the purpose of the letter.

Point 1: Officer Russell should not have been directed to escort multiple inmates alone. Any and all leadership responsible for putting Officer Russell in that fatal situation should either resign or make sure all law enforcement officers are not required to travel alone.

Point 2: The Altoona police officer involved should have never been put in that situation. It’s time for all law enforcement leadership in Blair County to speak up and demand full police departments.

Point 3: The rap sheet on the criminal Officer Russell was escorting is simply shameful. That particular individual should have been locked up years ago.

I would like to respectfully request that all levels of judges in Blair County, please keep in mind with your every decision it is to protect the law-abiding citizens of this county.

I’m sure each of you strive to do this every day, but the rap sheet doesn’t lie.

Jerry Fulare



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