State should reject negotiated Medicare

The past several years have brought me a slew of serious medical issues.

In addition to receiving treatment for a serious concussion and depression, I also contracted COVID-19.

Managing the symptoms and long-term impacts of all these illnesses has been incredibly trying and difficult.

While I certainly wish that my health had been better from the get-go, I am so grateful to the treatments I’ve received.

Without access to the medications and therapies provided by my doctors, I know I would be much worse off.

That’s why I oppose Congress’s current attempts to “negotiate” Medicare.

Under this measure, access to the latest and greatest treatments could be inhibited. My battle with COVID and depression reshaped my understanding of the importance of receiving high quality care in a timely manner.

We cannot afford to limit patient access to the medications and cures that help them live their lives with dignity.

I urge Pennsylvania’s representatives to think of COVID survivors, people struggling with their mental health, and people with living with chronic illness, and vote “No” on Medicare negotiation.

Cristi Lynne Waltz

East Freedom


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