Race theory further taxes today’s teachers

Parents of all races across the nation are outraged about critical race theory being taught in our schools, and they should be.

Can you imagine teaching children as young as kindergarten that they are racist?

Children are more loving and accepting of others than any of us. Children are innocent, so don’t fill their heads with all this unnecessary nonsense.

Because of critical race theory, and it is just that — a theory, people of all races will be set back decades, and no one will benefit from this period.

School boards across the nation are being pressured to add critical race theory to their curriculum.

Because of this, teachers are being caught between school boards and parents.

Teachers don’t need all this added pressure. Their jobs are hard enough — especially now with COVID-19.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to let the teachers do their jobs, and get back to teaching what is required in our schools?

We all need to appreciate and thank our wonderful teachers. What teachers do for our children is immeasurable.

Janet Stonebraker



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