Opinion page strives to provide balance

I must respond to the recent letter by Frank Phillips, accusing the Altoona Mirror of being unbalanced.

Phillips, an obvious never Trumper, must be reading a different newspaper than I am.

First off, it is called the Opinion page. It is not hard news but an opportunity for readers and national contributors to give their thoughts on the news of the day.

Steve Roberts, Froma Harrop and Connie Schultz, all lefties, are regularly featured. Likewise, local left wing writers like Elizabeth Shade, Phillips and others have their letters published regularly.

The same day his letter was published, the political cartoon depicted a mother with a pitchfork and torch heading to a school board meeting, being called a bully by her own child.

So, if we don’t want our children indoctrinated by divisive critical race theory and other radical left garbage, we are domestic terrorists.

AG Merrick Garland is pushing that very theory.

In addition, the Mirror uses the Associated Press as its wire service. Every story AP writes on political issues is extremely left-leaning.

If you don’t believe that, just check the adjectives and adverbs they use when talking about Trump and his supporters versus those used when talking about the current administration.

I have bought and read the Mirror every day of my more than 45-year marriage, and it is doubtless more centered now than it used to be.

I would love to debate Phillips on the other skewed points he was trying to make in his letter, but the Mirror won’t let me have the entire Opinion page.

Bill Marr



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