Letter to the Editor

Government proving it can’t be trusted

Prosperity and comfort have lulled us to sleep.

As we stew like frogs in our proverbial pot now approaching a rolling boil, freedom hovers at the edge of our home front.

COVID mandates delay shipments as shoppers endure empty shelves.

Vice President Kamala Harris tells us to Christmas shop in August. Some stores shut down because prosecutors overlook rampant theft.

Can widespread Soviet-style shortages be far off?

Government proposes a spending cure, which like all government fixes, can only make things worse.

Government meddling crippled our world-class healthcare system. Vaccine mandates now threaten to finish it off. Already short-staffed facilities will not be able to function.

If rising crime, Venezuelan inflation, food shortages and sub-par medical care abide, American life will become a third-world experience.

So some are waking.

While Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe stated, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they can teach,” many parents disagreed.

Following protests at school board meetings, the National Association of School Boards has asked the federal DOJ to intervene.

DOJ committed to determine “how to use federal resources to prosecute offending parents,” apparently without a thought for local solutions.

What will unfold when the DOJ cracks down on protesting parents? (Note the phrase cracks down referencing America, not China.)

We can ask Retired Navy Lieutenant Commander Tom Caldwell, who went to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 to hear President Trump.

Caldwell did not enter the capitol, behave destructively or violently, or lead insurrection-minded agitators.

DOJ now concedes that they wrongly accused Caldwell, imprisoning him (solitary confinement for 49 days) and depriving him of needed medications during incarceration.

Caldwell is now “free” but on the edge of bankruptcy.

We can’t trust those who vowed to uphold the constitution to protect us and our God-given freedoms. They will not stop while we sleep.

Wake up, speak up before freedom slips through our fingers and dies.

Nancy E. Head



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