Letter to the Editor

Water Authority merits praise for stewardship

Congratulations to the Altoona Water Authority and the DEP for their plans to reforest 80 acres of bare ground upstream of Horseshoe Curve in the area known as Big Murph.

The planned 61,000 trees will result in decreased stormwater runoff and erosion at this degraded site, benefitting not only water quality, but also decreasing the volume of stormwater affecting downstream sites.

Forested landscapes absorb 20 times more rainfall than poorly vegetated areas. In addition, forested landscapes release accumulated rainfall gradually, ameliorating cycles of drought.

The Altoona Water Authority has proven to be an outstanding steward of our water resources.

Its recent purchase of thousands of acres above Horseshoe Curve and its plan to reforest the most degraded parts of the watershed will have immense future benefits for our critical water resources.

Stan Kotala, Altoona


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