Let’s count ways we’re ruining our country

1. Forget about energy independence. Stop fracking for clean natural gas and eliminate pipelines that could provide gasoline for travel, agriculture, recreation, etc. (We do not yet have electric cars, boats or farm equipment). And we could stop mining coal while we’re at it. Soon we will all have electric cars but there won’t be enough electricity to run them. The electrical grid is already stretched to the limits in some areas. Keep the cost of gasoline and natural gas up and then raise the price of electricity.

2. Open our borders and allow undocumented aliens into our country. Some may have COVID-19 and some may want to come to the U.S. to destroy our way of life or harm Americans.

3. Let’s print a lot of money and give it to people, so they don’t have to go to work and possibly have some personal dignity. Let the government take care of everyone.

4. Abandon our friends around the world and negotiate with the terrorists that have vowed to destroy the U.S. And, of course, give them the weapons to do it. Abandon our allies so others countries will know the U.S. cannot be trusted.

5. Become more dependent on other countries to supply us with parts we need in many manufacturing processes here in the U.S. Send the jobs overseas. We don’t need the jobs. (Because the government will take care of us or is it “control” us)?

6. Let’s entertain ways to defund the police and undermine their authority. We don’t need them when someone threatens us or when someone drives while impaired on alcohol or drugs and kills a loved one. Might as well do away with speed limits too. It should be our right to drive as fast as our electric car can go.

7. Let’s legalize drugs. After all, they could be taxed and the government would have more money to take care of us.

8. Let’s try to take away everyone’s guns. No law-abiding citizen really needs them.

9. All of our actions and words on social media should be monitored and censored when the government thinks we are out of line. Or just have us banned from social media all together.

Any of this sound familiar? Just turn on the evening news to learn more about each of these, and other ways the country is being torn apart. Oh, but don’t worry, the government will care of us.

As a U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran, I love this country and hate to see it being destroyed as it is today.

We really need our senators and representatives to step up and stop our country from being torn apart, before it’s too late. It may already be too late.

James W. Fisher



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