Letter to the Editor

Having trouble sorting out the real experts

The headline reads like something out of one of those satirical news sites, but it was in the Sept. 20 Mirror — “Experts say get tested if symptomatic.”

The article goes on to interview our local “experts.”

These are the same “experts” who disparaged the decision of the Hollidaysburg Area School Board in voting to return to school in January, but meanwhile were conducting elective surgeries.

You may recall local “experts” even said “people would die” as a direct result of children returning to school. They didn’t.

So now the “experts” are saying get tested regardless of your COVID-19 vaccination status should you have COVID-19 symptoms.

All this testing primarily leads to kids being taken out of school and adults out of work due to contact tracing. And who developed the arbitrary contact tracing standards we use in the schools? The “experts” between here Harrisburg and D.C.

What have all the “experts” gotten right? And I’ve lost track — is it one vaccination or two or three? One mask or two? Is it six feet or two meters of “social distance?”

And of course the “experts” say we should all be vaccinated, but please “experts” develop a vaccine that actually prevents people from getting the disease.

I believe the real experts on matters like staying healthy during COVID times were our elementary school teachers and nurses.

They were suitably knowledgeable and not propagandists on Sunday morning news programs.

They taught us to avoid being sick by washing our hands and not touching our faces, to get plenty of vigorous exercise, to eat well and get plenty of sleep, watch your weight.

Finally, they just taught us to just stay home and stay away from others when we felt sick.

Andrew Wedel, Duncansville


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