Letter to the Editor

I-99 ramp at Bedford needs police presence

There’s a difference between a stop sign and yield signs.

I am beyond words for the arrogance and ineptness of people who feel they are too good to stop at a stop sign.

Specifically speaking of the temporary signs on the on ramps of Interstate 99, a big, red octagon means stop, it is not a yellow triangle, which means yield.

Far too many feel it is OK to just ignore these signs and make every attempt to get in front of a line of traffic or a truck. Not only are you risking your own life, you are risking that of others.

This is just unacceptable.

What are you going to accomplish by not stopping? Other than making a semi slam on its brakes to avoid hitting you, other than not seeing the car you could not catch a glimpse of coming up the highway because you took a quick glance?

Now that car needs to slow or stop to avoid hitting you because you where in a hurry. Worse yet, causing a domino effect with cars rear-ending each other.

Sorry, the speed limit is only 60 mph through the work zone. You are not going to go any faster than the vehicle in front of you.

If you do, I pray there is an officer there to gift you a hefty fine. Highly unlikely, though, as in Pennsylvania it is nearly impossible to find an officer in these areas.

This poses another point: Why, why are there no officers monitoring these areas? I have nearly been rear-ended numerous times.

I have driven in many states and nearly all north of us have officers where there is construction. Do our people who work these sites not matter to them? Are they not a priority?

I believe they are. I have friends, family and loved ones who work on these crews and find it ridiculous the level of ignorance which is imposed on them daily.

Ride in a truck if you don’t believe me. People have one thing in mind when they see a tri-axle or semi. It’s, “I need to get in front of that slow-moving vehicle.”

Prompting this rant is the fact I was getting on I-99 from the Bedford interchange area, a line of cars behind me.

Amazingly, the third car back did not like the fact we stopped and swung out of line to attempt to pass me.

Why is everyone in such a hurry to save 60 seconds which may take the last breath of another human?

Please, Pennsylvania State Police, monitor these areas.

Jessica Kajka



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