Letter to the Editor

More locals should heed recommendations

Here we are in the stage of our lives where we have many more years behind us than ahead of us.

We served our country and we were continuously and gainfully employed until our retirements.

Now we have family and grandchildren we wish to enjoy and support as an integral part of our current life stage, but there are those who selfishly, willfully, intentionally impede our efforts.

Particularly at our grandchildren’s indoor events — sporting and otherwise — the majority of local attendees are maskless (and perhaps unvaccinated) putting everyone at risk for the spread of COVID-19, whether relatively mild “breakthrough” cases for those already vaccinated or more serious consequences for those who are not.

It seems our local population is unaware of the facts and science of this pandemic and the documented statistics that show our daily local rate of cases per 100,000 is greater than that of New York City or even the entire state of New York.

Please educate yourself and follow recommendations and mandates so that all of us, regardless of age, can work toward the eventual normalization of our lives, and we seniors can fulfill the roles for which we’ve planned all our lives.

It’s within our power to do so.

Dwight Kennedy Hollidaysburg


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