Letter to the Editor

Follow the science and not your heart

Character is defined as the mental and moral qualities distinctive of an individual.

The character of our local elected school board officials, some parents, and many misinformed citizens needs to be called into question.

As of the week ending Sept. 2, more children have tested positive for COVID-19 than at any other time during the pandemic.

Yes, Covid appears to be far less severe in most children, but we do not know what long-haul repercussions will affect them years or decades down the road.

We also know that masks (when worn properly, by everyone) drastically reduce the spread of nearly all airborne pathogens, including Covid.

So, why are we at such a crossroads, where some parents (always the most vocal ones) are trying to kamikaze the school year for everyone else?

With all the children in the elementary school still unable to be vaccinated, and the small number of older students eligible for vaccination that are, it is paramount that masks be worn.

Not to mention, all those kids with pre-existing conditions or those immuno-compromised who are being put at undue risk, all because of someone else’s “freedom.”

Many of these parents would be the first to wear a wristband or donate, if a school child had cancer. Yet, they can’t bring themselves or their children to mask up to possibly save said child’s life.

Zachary Winkler



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