COVID-19 brings out worst in way too many

I realize that arguing with stupid people is like talking to a wall, but we have to keep trying.

As of Sept. 17 premature deaths due to COVID-19 nationally has now exceeded one out of every 500 people, Pennsylvania, with an older and less educated population, on average is now at one of every 452.

It is far worse here in rural Central Pennsylvania.

In Blair County it is one of every 349, Bedford County one of every 328, and Cambria County one of every 286.

I do not understand why anybody would resist vaccination if it can save your life, but what really angers me is that these unvaccinated people put other people’s lives on the line. On top of that, refusing to wear a mask to protect others is inexcusable.

What has happened to this country that so many people are unable to care about others anymore?

Richard C. Parker



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