Climate change greatly exaggerated

Enough is enough.

It’s so easy to invade people’s thought processes about “climate change” in the months of July and August.

But wait. Isn’t this summer time? Don’t we get a bit hot during these months?

Climate change proponents, just like other agenda-driven throngs, tend to gloss over any science that doesn’t fit while proliferating data that does.

For instance, to mask or not to mask is a huge issue.

Those for masks quote many, some of whom may actually be in the health fields, while totally ignoring the vast opposite views that state paper and cloth masks are worthless.

By the way, Lord Dr. Fauci himself stated that masks are essentially worthless before changing his mind.

The same phenomena occurs with climate fanatics. Ignoring the difference between weather and climate, they skewer and mix facts with opinions ­– and conveniently omit any and all actual data that fails to uphold what they want.

Need an example? The period of 2000-10 from Lake Baikal in Russia, the deepest natural fresh water lake in the world, produced this result that thrilled the gatherers.

The temperature of the lake raised, drum roll please,

.01 degrees Celsius.

A recent Mirror article quoted NOAA that July was the “hottest on record.”

The article also quoted “climatologist” Michael Mann from Penn State — the same person who was caught presenting completely false data at that same Paris meeting to fit his agenda.

If there are slightly higher levels of carbon dioxide that are warming the earth, that is producing record crop levels.

Just take a ride out to the Cove or Sinking Valley to see monster corn and soybean crops. Carbon dioxide is not toxic anyway.

Reminding ourselves that it makes up .0004% of the earth’s atmosphere and is breathed out by all of us and used by all green plants to survive, 95% of so-called horrible greenhouse gases is water vapor.

The political elites’ absurd fantasy of a carbon free economy can never happen. Everything supporting modern life requires fossil fuels, and they will never be matched for affordability and reliability by wind and solar power.

Bottom line? There is no climate crisis. Any warming trend will be less than

1.5 degrees by 2050, and there is no guarantee that a warming trend will continue.

Right now, ice on both the North and South Poles continues to grow, not an indication of planet warming. Hurricane numbers are actually down for the last decade. And the wildfires out west?

Normal occurrences for centuries, but bad land management practices allow those to run unchecked.

Government, please spend those trillions of Green New Deal monies on something useful, not pie-in-the-sky fallacies.

Joseph Maschue



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