Proposed per-mile tax is beyond excessive

It is not enough that we get taxed on gas, have a state income tax and a sales tax, now PennDOT has come up with a plan to replace the gas tax and tax us by the mile.

Did anyone at PennDOT stop to think of what kind of havoc this plan would create? The scenarios are limitless. Taxing by the mile would limit workers who travel for their jobs, paying more than they could afford when traveling just within the state.

From one who has traveled approximately 2,500 miles a month for a previous job, it would cost over $200 a month just to work, plus the price of gas.

Are employers going to reimburse employees for this tax, or will they have to compensate employees at a higher rate to travel for a specific job? Or will a lower wage be given to compensate for maybe reimbursing this tax?

At a time when companies are struggling to get back on their feet, now PennDOT wants to throw another log on the fire.

Every trip a motorist would take would be more money coming out of their pockets just to go grocery shopping, to visit a doctor, to see family and to eat out at a restaurant or go to some form of entertainment, just to name a few of the kinds of trips.

What happens when you go on vacation out of state and you get taxed for a 500-mile round trip drive for your vacation?

They also plan to tax the delivery services, and guess who is going to eat that piece of the pie? The customer who orders a pizza — or any food delivery — and any customer ordering anything online even down to drugstore deliveries of medicine.

We are going to be paying for everything we do that involves driving.

It is time that the money from the gas tax, lottery and gambling and other taxes be allocated to the things for which they were supposed to be used. What about the price of gas without a gas tax?

The current tax per gallon in Pennsylvania is 0.586 cents, which would make the cost of a gallon without tax approximately $2.66 a gallon. Would the price of gas truly decrease without a gas tax? Probably not.

Pennsylvania has the highest tax on gas in the continental United States.

A yearly average of 7,500 driving miles would cost $605.50 with a per mile cost.

Let’s go one step further on the calculations. The current price of gas is $3.249 per gallon and if your tank holds an average of 15 gallons, the price of the tank is $48.735.

If there is no gas tax and at the current rates, you would pay $2.653 per gallon which make the cost of 15 gallons $39.795, but add the cost per mile at $.081 per mile times the 375 miles you get from a tank and the price goes up by $30.376, and added to the $39.795, it costs you $70.171 to drive the same distance.

How many times do you visit the pumps in one month to fill up?

Gwen Black



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