GOP shouldn’t fear voter ID process

Elizabeth Shade is a frequent contributor to the Opinion page.

Her writings, most recently on July 16, all seem to generate around anti-Trump,

anti-Republican rhetoric.

Her latest rant is about the Republicans questioning the last election processes.

How dare anyone let alone Republicans, all of whom are directed by Trump, question our process?

It’s simple: There is no ID required to prove who you are. In our area of Central Pennsylvania, polling places are small, and usually the poll workers seem to know everyone, except possible new residents of the district.

But in the big cities where elections are determined, that is not the case. Tens of thousands vote, and there is no accountability for identifying who they are except for a signature on the election book, well at least in my precinct that is required.

But given all that, I have only one question for Ms. Shade, Gov. Tom Wolf, President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and it is this:

If there is/was no tampering or questionable doings in the last election, why would anyone oppose auditing the ballots?

Wouldn’t you want to embarrass those who insist there was so they would quietly fade back into the woodwork and be good little followers?

Why would you fight so hard to stop such an audit from happening?

Frank J. Kauffman



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