GOP efforts on election appalling

Why can’t the Biden administration put a stop to Republican lawmakers demanding cooperation from counties to launch investigations into the 2020 presidential election results?

Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano of Franklin issued letters to three counties with a sweeping information request, threatening subpoenas for holdouts. He says he’s planning to study what type of paper was used, look for what he called software “shenanigans” and review the chain of custody for the ballots. What the hell? How can they demand such a thing? Under whose authority? They took an oath to the Constitution, not to Donald Trump.

To get their grubby hands on something as sacrosanct as election ballots, doing who knows what with them, is beyond the pale. Someone should have the power and authority to call a halt to these Trump fanatics who refuse to accept the truth. There was no election fraud, Biden won, and that’s a fact.

These Republican lawmakers, who work for and get paid by the taxpayers, should all be thrown out of office. Their constant and relentless efforts to create more voter suppression has got to be stopped. They claim this all came about because the 2020 election was stolen and that Trump is the rightful president.

I beg to differ. If the election were stolen, Trump would be the president. Isn’t that how it worked for Trump the first time? It has been proven over and over that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, so with help from some extremely questionable sources, he ended up in the White House.

But I digress. If I were one of the voters in these counties where Republicans insist on bulldozing through election results, especially if my vote went to Biden, I would be up in arms and do whatever it takes to stop it. Private citizens may not think it, but the power of the people has shown to be very effective when their cause is just.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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