Far left is seeking too much control

All Americans who believe in God and country who respect the American flag for what it stands for and believe in the constitution as it was written:

We all must stand up and speak out against what is being said and what is being done to our country.

The radical socialist Biden-Harris administration is out to destroy our way of life and the future of this country, for you and your family.

They want to control all American lives and take away our rights and freedoms.

The USA is owned by “We the People” — all of us, not just a group of far-left radicals within the Democratic party.

Americans will not sell out their country or their souls for any political party.

Since Jan. 20, 2021 all you hear from the Biden administration, Schumer, Pelosi is about insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

They say it was worse than the Civil War or 9/11. Really?

What took place at the Capitol should not have happened, but will the truth ever be known?

The definition of insurrection is an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.

This has been happening since Jan. 20, 2021, when they swore in the Biden-Harris administration, and it is getting worse by the day.

Americans need to wake up and wake up now. Once our freedoms are gone, they will be gone forever. What’s the future going to be for your children?

Mike Sanders



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