2020 election should be audited

Philadelphia is historically known for voting shenanigans. Republicans are not allowed to count votes, windows are blocked and so forth. Our illustrious governor and attorney general state everything was proper and legal. Are you kidding me/us?

Anyone with any common sense, knows the election was not fair and proper. Donald Trump had tens of thousands show and Joe Biden was lucky to get a 100 or more to show when he did campaign, which was hardly ever.

It was the same when Hillary Clinton ran in 2016 with similar numbers at rallies. Trump won. Are we to accept the fact that Biden won? Countries around the world and on our southern border and banners at ball games state “Trump Won.”

Why are Democrats fighting the forensic audits? They should be wanting the truth proven that their statements the election was fair and proper are true. Right? One would think so using common sense.

Demand a forensic audit of the 2020 election. Put the suspicion of the election to rest with facts not just rhetoric.

Willard Thompson



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