Thompson, Joyce should support probe

In the House of Representatives on May 19, both G.T. Thompson and John Joyce voted no on H.R. 3233 to approve formation of the bipartisan legislation national commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol Complex Act.

Although I do not know their specific reasons, one can assume that they are following first the orders of the previous president, who has demanded that Republicans vote against the commission.

Secondly, because they consider that this legislation should address all the political protests, both violent and non-violent in the past year, specifically looking at BLM and ANTIFA.

Neither reason is acceptable.

The events of Jan. 6 are unique in that this was an assault on the U.S. Capitol, where both of our representatives work.

Its aim was to overturn the results of the November presidential election, and in effect, carry out a coup to install a defeated candidate.

The need to understand why this single event occurred has no comparator other than the 9/11 attacks.

We will not reach any conclusion about this event if we have one group of commission members who avoid any questions related to Jan. 6 by distracting the commission by asking about BLM or ANTIFA.

This type of commission would have no conclusion as one side will focus on Jan. 6

and one will focus on the other.

Let’s be honest: BLM protests will continue into the future. They will not stop as there are long-standing and immediate issues which motivate these protests.

We can point to very specific reasons why these protests happen. In fact, a separate commission as to why these events happen would be welcome.

But for now, they have no bearing on Jan. 6. So why are our representatives against this bipartisan commission designed to understand why individuals sought to overthrow our fairly elected government?

I know that many readers will insist that there was widespread fraud. But there is no evidence of fraud. Every audit of every ballot so far has found zero evidence of fraud.

Do people actually understand how many thousands of people would have to be involved to pull off a fraudulent election?

A Jan. 6 commission would no doubt look at the role that social media and cable news played in the events of that day. I would suspect that they would find that misinformation propagated by these platforms played a significant role.

We should all be concerned when one source of news cares more about money than what happened on this day.

We need to demand that our local representatives, Thompson and Joyce, do the patriotic, and not politically motivated thing, and support the commission.

Stephen M. LoRusso



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