State GOP committee needs new leadership

During my last visit to Political Science 101, I believe Maine and Nebraska use the Congressional District Method to allocate their electoral votes, something that Pennsylvania legislators should consider — if they want to make a positive contribution to the election process.

In national elections, Pennsylvania is held hostage by 13-18 counties who continue to vote Democratic, in spite of their socialistic party plat­form, resulting in a blue state outcome.

The state GOP committee does absolutely nothing to edu­cate and change people’s minds in those counties, yet they keep asking us for money.

The state GOP committee needs new, dynamic leadership to change outcomes.

Geographically, Pennsylvania. is a red state, but those populated blue counties negate the red counties.

Justice for Pennsylvania voters would be more relevant, if Pennsylvania’s electoral votes were allocated in a proportional manner based on county or voting district outcomes.

A minority of populated counties should not be able to allocate all the electoral votes to one candidate.

Our republic is in the hands of the people we elect to office, and they should be speaking out at every opportunity to correct the anomalies at the local, state and national levels, or they should be voted out of office.

Fortunately, in our area we have three outstanding state representatives with Sen. Judy Ward, Rep. Jim Gregory and Rep. Lou Schmitt and U.S. Rep. John Joyce, who are focused on following the consti­tution and the rule of law, which are the backbone of our republic and society.

It’s unfortunate that our two U.S. senators, Sen. Bob Casey and Sen. Pat Toomey, are not of the same caliber.

The 2022 mid-term national election is an opportunity to stop the progressive madness of the Democratic par­ty that desires a Socialist Republic, by establishing a GOP majority in the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives.

I would only hope that each one of us, who grooms themselves on a daily basis, asks that person in the mirror, what do I stand for and believe in, and are my children/grandchildren going to have life, liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness?

Based on the answer, vote ac­cordingly, but by all means, please register and vote.

Frank Fedeli



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