Spanier sentence is much too short

Having been charged with child endangerment in 2012 and convicted in 2017, appeals allowed former Penn State President Graham Spanier to avoid a two-month jail sentence for four years.

According to a publication, he “reported early,” ahead of his July 9 incarceration date.

I’m a former PSU student, and think there were attempts to silence the rumors about Jerry Sandusky for a long time.

Spanier, entrusted with the care of young adults, abused his position and allowed Sandusky to continue to perpetrate acts against minors.

The sentence is an insult and shows that money and power still loom large.

People get longer jail sentences for possession of marijuana.

In my opinion, Spanier should be spending the remainder of his years beside his good friend in prison with both pensions being stripped and distributed to society.

I don’t care who is an alumni or enjoys their sports team. There is absolutely no excuse for the conduct that took place and will forever remain attached to Penn State.

Chrissy Friday



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