Penn State decision sends wrong message

Sen. Mike Regan deserves credit for his article in the Mirror last week regarding “woke” Penn State and freshmen no longer being called freshmen.

When I initially heard of this action by the University Faculty Senate, I thought the report was not true.

Why would anyone waste time, energy and staff resources on this topic?

Unfortunately, the story is true.

Unfortunately, this must be an example of what the Penn State University Faculty Senate considers important and must be addressed.

Why? Are students pulling their applications by the hundreds because they will be referred to as “freshmen” their first year at Penn State? Doubtful.

Two additional topics Regan mentioned — is Penn State the type of institution you want millions of your tax dollars supporting? This is an important point. Our tax dollars may be supporting ideas, opinions and organizations counter to our individual beliefs.

We should make these beliefs known.

As citizens, we should not support what we do not believe.

Also, are you agreeable with your tax dollars being used to bribe students to be vaccinated? Should money be a reward for some while others act correctly on their own initiative?

Are we teaching a group of citizens to just hang back and wait for special rewards, wait for handouts?

Possibly the University Faculty Senate could encourage personal responsibility by students, not just give a monetary reward.

The students could actually learn and grow in this situation with proper guidance and appropriate encouragement.

Isn’t that the focus of PSU? Or, shouldn’t that be the focus of PSU as an institution of learning?

Molly Zerbee



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