Mainline Pharmacy deserves credit

I want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to Mainline Pharmacy of Cambria County for treating Blair County as its own.

The management and staff at Mainline and many others spent countless hours and resources designing, organizing, staffing and implementing a program at the Jaffa Shrine Center for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

This family-owned business didn’t just offer one event. They offered multiple mass vaccination opportunities.

They were successful in vaccinating thousands of residents from Blair and surrounding counties.

Mainline Pharmacy didn’t have to do this.

They could have stayed home, tended to their local residents and administered vaccines to whoever happened through their doors.

I had the honor of volunteering alongside many other nurses, CRNPs, PAs and student nurses to administer vaccines to grateful community members.

Many of these same people expressed frustration with their inability to obtain a vaccine through local channels.

I sincerely applaud Mainline’s commitment to the greater good and the demonstration of their core values — and for showing Blair County what “community” really means.

Paula Stellabotte



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