Littering problem must be addressed

The litter along our roadsides this spring is unsightly.

It adversely affects our health. As plastic materials decompose, they break into tiny particles that find their way into our water supplies.

Now, scientists conclude that the average person absorbs a credit card’s worth of plastic into his body — every year.

Be a good role model for one’s children and grandchildren. Talk to the generation that will inherit this mess and make it clear to them that throwing garbage out of car windows is unacceptable and unhealthy. Go on family walks in your neighborhood collecting litter.

Contact our legislators. Legislation must be passed to end single-serving plastic materials.

Make it clear that continuing this practice is not only short-sighted, but detrimental to our citizens’ health.

The cost in both lives and health care make doing nothing about this problem morally and economically unacceptable.

George Dempsie


(The writer is a board member of PA Interfaith Power and Light.)


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