‘Golden Rule’ would better guide us

Our country has been openly accused, mainly by our elected officials and fully backed by agenda driven news commentators, of being “systemically racist.”

These accusations are made one-sided, as if people of only one race are capable of thinking this way.

Here’s a quick look a definitions of prejudice, which means judgment in advance, and discrimination, which means simply acting on one’s prejudices.

This country has had laws making most acts of discrimination illegal for decades. It is impossible to effectively legislate against feelings of prejudice which are not inherited but learned.

We all have our prejudices: Pitt vs. Penn State, Eagles vs. Steelers, chocolate vs. vanilla, etc.

In regards to people, however, many of us grew up with and adhere strongly to the “Golden Rule,” which says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It’s an easy and effective way to treat all people, and I am guessing the vast majority of us continue to follow this basic tenet.

Recently, I attended a high school graduation in Ellicott City, Md., perhaps one of the best examples of a completely diverse population one could find.

There were 385 graduates of all races and too many nationalities to count.

With more than 2,000 parents, grandparents and family and friends in attendance, it was easy to witness no examples of systemic or any other type of racism.

Graduates were cheering for and hugging each other, and the same of adult attendees mixed and mingled freely with each other.

It’s too bad our political leaders and news commentators weren’t there, but then again maybe that’s not something they’d want to witness.

Give me an example of “systemic racism.”

Not one you’ve heard or read about from our politicians and fostered by the news organizations, but one that you have actually witnessed. And not just a “one and done.”

There are bad apples in every batch. “Systemic” means over and over and over.

Many of our left-leaning politicians follow Marxist teachings, which demand both the breakdown of families and social norms, which simply means driving racial and nationality groups apart.

Let’s not allow this to happen.

Joseph Maschue



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