Dems leading US down wrong road

I would like to respond to letters to the editor from those who never travel outside of their backyards and are not knowledgeable of what has been happening to our great country.

I have traveled to approximately 30 states from the East Coast to the West Coast in the U.S. doing technical support for U.S. manufacturers and have experienced many of these companies moving their manufacturing offshore.

The reason: to produce products cheaper, and as a result, closing doors in the U.S.

This movement was produced by the Democrats in the 1990s under Bill Clinton’s presidency, and by 2000, U.S. manufacturing was almost non-existent.

This movement was accepted by the Free Trade agreement, promoted by the Democrats.

During my working career, I have traveled to Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, the Middle East — including Israel — Italy, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. My nephew, a lawyer, does work for the U.S. government teaching Rule Of Law and American Criminal Law. He has taught in the Republic of Georgia, Czech Republic, Albania and many other countries.

One of my sons is executive manager of research and development in the U.S. for a large Far East company. He also travels the world.

We have seen how past administrations have destroyed the U.S. by not taking charge and bowing to the opposition.

It’s time to wake up and realize President Donald Trump was not intimidated or afraid to take action, regardless of the criticism he received by the Democrats and the media.

Rather, he took the position to protect the U.S.

We were headed toward becoming a great nation, again, under the Trump tenure. We are now headed down the path of fast destruction with the Democrats in power.

Regardless of what political party you stand for, it’s time to wake up. It is, at this time, just common sense to stand for the right thing, as everyone should know right from wrong.

God help America.

Ted Kolbe



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