Care home workers must be vaccinated

I am quite saddened by the continuing lockdown of our beloved seniors in nursing home facilities due to unvaccinated workers.

See “Despite vaccines, care homes struggle” in the Mirror on June 5.

Since January 2020, a dear friend is such a resident. After months of “solitary confinement” all residents were vaccinated, visitations resumed and communal dining was reinstated.

Shockingly, staff vaccinations remain at 50%. When a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the residents are again sequestered for 14 days — alone in their rooms, no communal dining, no outside visitors.

This situation is appalling.

Vaccination should be a mandatory requirement for all staff at any nursing home.

The workers are free to live a non-COVID-19 life with the severe repercussions of their irresponsibility borne only by the residents.

Upon questioning these workers about their status, their responses were “I’m not doing anything the government tells me to.”

So, in effect, 100 people must suffer for the selfishness of workers who have no sympathy for the isolation caused to the people in their care.

The above-referenced Mirror article laid out in detail the serious problems nursing homes face with staffing, government regulations, and resident COVID-19 deaths.

My friend is told by his director that the law mandates closure for 14 days when anyone tests positive. Yet one facility in the area is mandating that their staff be vaccinated.

If it is a law, then it must be changed.

Does not the mental health of these residents override their physical considerations since they have all been fully vaccinated?

Is confining a vaccinated resident to their apartment for 14 days because of an irresponsible staff member’s actions a fair situation?

I think not.

Monica Flinn



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