Push for vaccines raises questions

The May 5 article urging residents to get vaccinated seems to share a common flaw with other articles I have read.

It says there is no reason not to get vaccinated, and it only references people who have been vaccinated.

It is reported that over 12,000 people are known to already have had COVID-19 in Blair County.

If our intention is to get herd immunity, then we should report all of those who have had COVID-19 along with the vaccinated.

Likewise, my family has had COVID-19, yet some of them have not been reported.

Every article I read focuses only on the vaccinated. The latest study on people who have had COVID-19 shows they have a robust immunity to it and the study lasted 7.5 months. It is entirely possible this resistance or immunity lasts much longer.

I am among those who have already had COVID-19, so I have no intention of ever getting the vaccine. My immune system treated it as a non-issue so why should I get an experimental vaccine?

The vaccine manufacturers state you can still get COVID-19 and spread it, but this might lessen your severity. Why did we waste vaccines early by having people who had COVID-19 get the vaccine? This vaccine seems safe yet vaccines are pulled even after approval because other problems arise over time. There have been thousands of related deaths and problems, though statistically small compared to distribution.

So why run any risk if you have already survived COVID-19? If we are honest, we should be trying to find out a total number towards immunity.

We are pushing unclear messages.

George Foster



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