Labor laws outdated; PRO Act is needed

This is in response to the recent editorial concerning the PRO Act on May 4.

I want to set the record straight on several of the editors assertions.

First, our woefully outdated labor laws are no longer effective for working people to have their voices heard. Inequality has skyrocketed because union membership has dwindled and policy makers have failed to pass pro-worker laws.

This is why we need the PRO Act. The PRO Act will make America’s economy work for working people because when union membership is greater, our wages are better .

Between 1948 and 1973, when the New Deal Laws expanded and collective bargaining rights were enforced, hourly wages rose by 90 percent.

However, over the next 40 years 1973-2013, wages only rose on average of 9 percent while productivity increased by 74 percent.

As it is, workers are not being paid their fair share of what we produce!

Senators Casey and Toomey should vote for the PRO Act because it will benefit millions of Pennsylvanians. The Mirror editorial staff should stick to the facts when it comes to the PRO Act.

Union workers created the middle class and that is the backbone of our nation’s economy.

Robert Kutz

President, Blair Bedford

Central Labor Council


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