Gerrymandering must come to end

The congressional and legislative redistricting project will soon be underway when the final census data rolls in this September.

The question is: Will we finally see improvement to the process?

As has been done the last

50 years, a committee of caucus leaders (with one member potentially being assigned by the state Supreme Court) will meet behind closed doors to redraw the lines for the next decade.

The results will be released with as little fanfare as possible, objections will be minimized, and if past precedent holds, the public won’t be paying much attention to how they have again been played.

But not so fast.

Across the state, citizens are indeed paying attention. They recognize that the time has finally come to reform the redistricting process with more transparency, citizen input and strengthened criteria.

Gerrymandering distributes inequality of representation across the entire state. This must finally come to an end.

Since March 1, over 800 volunteers have worked to arrange 125 legislative visits to seek support for HB22/SB222, or the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act (LACRA). Co-sponsors of both parties now number 65 in the House and 18 in the Senate.

Change is often disruptive and unsettling. Although it might usher in unexpected benefits, in the beginning that isn’t always apparent, and we balk.

Politics is a complex business and politicians have distaste for change, just like the rest of us. Sticking with the status quo is more comfortable, more predictable.

It is easier to conduct business as usual — whether reasonable or not.

This is the year that Pennsylvanian voters are reclaiming their voice. They are no longer willing to be pawns on a political chessboard.

LACRA is a change that benefits us all. Why resist?

Denice Rodaniche

Fair Districts PA




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