Frontino will provide voice for taxpayers

Ed Frontino has always done what a supervisor should do with each item presented to the Logan Board of Supervisors: He listens, asks appropriate questions and conducts the appropriate research prior to voting.

In my opinion, Frontino has never had an agenda, but he does have the taxpayers’ best interest in all matters presented to the board.

Ed has been an asset to the board of supervisors and has been selected by the Logan Township board to be its liaison on committees and associations.

Of special note, several years ago, Frontino initiated the Logan Township Volunteer Firemen’s turkey dinners given to those in need at Thanksgiving time, and it continues today.

I am endorsing hardworking Bruce Kelley and Dave Butterbaugh for their re-election to Altoona City Council. I believe both have served the city well and will continue to do so.

Joe Metzgar

Logan Township


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