Dodson committed to Hollidaysburg

It is my distinct honor to recommend the re-election of Joe Dodson for mayor of Hollidaysburg.

I have known Dodson for over 20 years and watched his dedicated service to his community in and out of office.

I have met often with him, the chief of police and city manager over the years to discuss the status of my beloved hometown.

He had a single-minded dedication and sense of duty that I never found wanting. His ability to raise money to support special projects which made the town better and his great support of our veterans were startlingly impressive.

I am completely confident that he will serve our community with distinction as a leader of character for whom we will all be proud.

I personally will know that the hometown I grew up in and love will be in good hands.

Harry E. Soyster

Lt. General, USA (ret)

Alexandria, Va.


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