Beatty experienced to help City Council

I am expressing my strong support for Ron Beatty for Altoona City Council.

As a lifelong resident of Altoona, I recognize and value what our wonderful city has to offer. I also recognize the challenges and continued opportunities that exist.

In order to continue the lifestyle Altoona has to offer, it will take strong, committed and experienced leadership to work together to make the best decisions for the future success of our city.

I have known and worked with Beatty and trust him to lead with character. He has been a resident, family man and business owner in Altoona. He also serves the public in various capacities.

Ron Beatty has the strong character, mature experience and product knowledge to help lead our city to meet the challenges and build the opportunities to keep our city a rewarding and safe place to live and prosper.

Rocco Alianiello



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