Accountability should not be compromised

Red flags are waving since notices were published in area newspapers that voters need approve or disapprove 3 proposals to amend the PA Constitution on Election Day, May 18.

Two of the amendments have to do with leadership responsibilities during emergencies.

As I understand, there were no public hearings to discuss these proposals.

Seemingly, they are a result of a Republican controlled General Assembly (both House and Senate) in disagreement with Gov. Tom Wolf’s leadership to mitigate risks of death and illness in a time of limited understanding and uncertainty amidst a global pandemic killing thousands of people.

Conflicting values between governance prioritizing health, well-being and safety vs. profit-driven markets and consumerism, were clearly evident and impacted the public negatively with an us against them mentality.

Vengeance is no substitute for accountable leadership.

Imagine an army operating during a war with 253 generals (the size of the Pennsylvania Legislature) in charge instead of a commander in chief?

Keep the priority, authority, accountability and responsibility for public health, well-being and safety during emergencies intact by voting no on two proposals that will compromise and dilute leadership.

Pluggers would say, “Don’t change horses in midstream.”

Etta Albright



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