With union help, Biden will create jobs

In a recent political notebook in the Altoona Mirror, the writer almost got enough courage to say that President Biden’s infrastructure plan would create jobs locally , but instead suggested we would only see change locally.

The hard fact is real manufacturing jobs have left Blair County at an alarming rate — well over 1200 to be exact — over the past four years.

The Biden proposal will create real jobs in Pennsylvania — steel jobs, railroad jobs, construction jobs, highway jobs and many spin-off jobs as well.

Our local congressman consistently votes no on any proposal from Biden, including his recent no vote against the PRO Act.

After all, who would want to see working men and women prosper, to be able to form a union easier than current law allows?

Remember, there would be no 40-hour work week, no eight-hour day, no paid vacation, no private retirement plans, no health-care plans without unions, which created all of the above.

It would seem Congressman John Joyce does not support workers in our area as evidenced by his votes against the PRO Act as well as his opposition to the infrastructure bill. Think about that the next time you vote.

Please contact Sen. Pat Toomey to urge him to vote yes on the PROAct and to support the infrastructure bill as well, because the job you save may be your own.

Bob Kutz, President

Blair Bedford Central

Labor Council


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