Joyce commentary hypocritical, insincere

I find Rep. John Joyce’s commentary in the Mirror’s March 27-28 edition of being on the same team as President Joe Biden for Pennsylvania jobs hypocritical and insincere.

I suppose Joyce conceded that Biden is actually president of the United States when he said he went to “Biden’s White House.”

Joyce joined a U.S. Supreme Court case calling for several states’ and Pennsylvania’s presidential votes to be discounted.

The case was rejected but did amplify the Big Lie that I think led to the violent attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Hours after that attack, Joyce voted for the exclusion of Pennsylvania from the Electoral College votes that determined Biden was the lawfully elected president.

He did not vote for the popular bipartisan American Rescue Plan Act, which gave economic and COVID-19 relief and more to Pennsylvanians.

I hope Joyce has a plan to overcome partisan barriers with courage to create more than semiconductor jobs in Pennsylvania when he considers Biden’s infrastructure proposals.

We need to pay attention to how Joyce votes and not what he says about being on the Biden team for Pennsylvania jobs.

Robyn J. Daniels



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