Gun users are being unfairly targeted

In response to Stephen LoRusso letter to the editor (“GOP priorities need adjusted”) on April 1, I sincerely hope this was an April Fool’s joke.

He stated it was easier to purchase a gun than to vote. First of all, you need an ID to purchase a gun. Then a background check before you can purchase one, and — most importantly — you must go to a dealer to buy or transfer one.

You cannot sit in your home and have the application, (ballot) sent to you, and then mail in your application (vote) with no ID involved.

So he is wrong in that aspect of his anti-gun rant.

He also calls voting a sacred “right.” It’s not a right, it’s a privilege — just like a driver license is a privilege.

Nowhere in our great constitution is voting a guaranteed “right.”

If you check history, voting has been a work in progress since voting was invented. First, it was the wealthy who could vote, business leaders and landowners.

Then it evolved to the common man voting, and it was only a man who could vote. Then women stood up for themselves and were granted the privilege to vote. And now you can vote from home — no need to drive or walk to your local polling place. And it’s the only privilege we have that requires no ID to be shown. Just state your name, and you’re given a ballot.

Funny, though, at least in more rural areas, those manning the polling places seem to know the voters in their given areas.

And last, addressing LoRusso’s obvious dislike for firearms: He should realize that it’s not the weapon that causes the killings or maimings or injuries, but rather a person behind it who has mental problems.

Whether they use a firearm, a knife or another weapon, it’s a mental deficiency, which in most cases, has been identified previously. Remember, Gov. Tom Wolf’s order returning COVID-19 positive patients to nursing homes caused more deaths in Pennsylvania than any gun did in the last year.

Frank J. Kauffman



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