As our world churns, what do we believe?

Wow, what a year it’s been.

In early 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he didn’t believe this virus would be a serious problem, and face masks should not be worn and could be dangerous.

The government agreed and said to follow the “science.”

Well, the “science” turned on a dime and soon we were in lockdown to “flatten the curve.”

Wearing masks was now required and “social distancing” of six feet minimum was the “science.”

Businesses were closed under threat of government arrest, virus testing was all the rage, with the government frantically searching for a vaccine.

President Donald Trump and Big Pharma came to the rescue with “Warp Speed” sparing no cost to find a vaccine.

While hospitalizations rose dramatically, there were no government approved treatments except ventilators for those filling the ICU wards of our hospitals.

The search for the vaccine was do-or-die.

With the daily count of those infected and dying from the virus featured in every news report, fear and isolation from lockdowns gripped our nation.

The “science” now said that two masks were better than one mask. Schools were closed and children denied their childhood and an education. Deaths skyrocketed from overdoses, suicides, and domestic abuse.

Weeks of lockdown turned into months and months, with little hope of ever returning to normalcy.

Finally, the experimental vaccines arrived and were given FDA approval.

Now the push is on to make, distribute and inject the vaccine in order to remove this scourge that is responsible for the deaths of nearly one tenth of one percent of the population.

Fear now grips Americans and lines form at injection sites, whenever you can locate one.

Most are told that their lives will return to normal after the vaccine injections, but wait, not so soon.

The “science” now says to continue with “social distancing” and wear masks, but why? Wasn’t the vaccine what we had all been waiting for?

Didn’t Fauci and the government tell us that?

We are rapidly losing our freedoms to attend church, travel, be with family, friends and, most of all, for unrestricted speech.

All speech by those who disagree with Fauci and the government is stricken from media platforms and criticized by those who have drunk the government Kool Aid.

I fear the new normal is not the world that I grew up in or that I remember.

Raymond E. Neil



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