Wolf should answer virus vaccine mess

After reviewing various newscasts and articles related to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Pennsylvania, the following is my opinion on the current process.

I believe that Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pa. Department of Health should be investigated for their handling of the COVID-19 vaccination process in the state.

Johnson and Johnson is now providing a one-shot vaccine that is much easier to tolerate than the other available two-shot vaccines.

One would think that our governor and Department of Health, with their wealth of knowledge and stated concern for protecting the state’s elderly population, would expeditiously distribute the new vaccine to where it would best save lives or prevent unneeded distress.

Per an article in the March 11 issue of the Mirror, the governor and his Department of Health have specifically reserved that J&J vaccine for the vaccination of school employees only, most of whom are all young, healthy individuals, and who could better tolerate, I think, the two-dose vaccines.

This is a travesty that Wolf has created and should answer for.

This is of the same caliber of fiasco that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo created in the nursing homes of his state.

In my opinion, our state should be ashamed of what our governor and his staff have foisted on the state’s elderly population, of which I am one.

David Imler



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