Republicans share blame for spending

In Bill Beck’s letter to the Mirror he cited wasted taxpayer money in the Democrats’ COVID-19 relief bill.

Such as:

* Sect 3036 — $50 million to Family Planning, which Beck said was for abortions. Check out everything Family Planning does for women and families.

* Sect 1005 — $1 billion for socially disadvantaged farmers debt forgiveness. In mid-2019, the Republicans gave farmers $20 billion because of President Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

* Sect 2001 — $129 billion for reopening schools and $350 billion to the states, which includes Pennsylvania.

Let’s give schools and states little or nothing. Let schools and states make up shortfalls by raising property, gasoline, personal income and sales taxes.

Beck is right, the bill has what most consider wasted money. But let’s start telling the whole truth for a change.

Not only Democrats put wasted spending in a bill. Republicans also pass bills which allocate hundreds of millions and billions of dollars on things we would question.

Download the $2.3 trillion tax cut bill from 2017, where most of the cuts went to multi-billionaire individuals and multi-billion dollar companies. See what else was in the bill, that few people know about, if you really want to see how the government wastes taxpayer money.

Download every bill passed by Congress in the last 20 years. Then ask yourself where and why trillions of dollars went.

See who had control of Congress during those years — especially the Senate.

Remember this: Everyone who accepts a stimulus check is really accepting Socialism.

Dennis C. Shore



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