Improving defense would help our unity

There has been a significant amount of talk about unity as of late.

The current regime has been speaking of uniting the country as a priority.

As we are currently divided along political and ideological lines, unity may be an elusive concept.

They have ramrodded a litany of progressive ideas through the system since day one. If they were truly interested in unity, I would suggest they streamline or narrow the focus of their objectives.

If those in Washington were to focus on defending the country from enemies foreign and domestic, protecting all our rights as described in the constitution and given to us by the almighty, and maintain a strong military, unity would be a more attainable goal.

What we continue to see is elected officials who assume power and believe that more government interference equates to doing more good.

They act as though the federal government is a piñata and they have the stick.

In his inaugural address, Ronald Reagan implored us to not look to government as the answer, reminding us that government is the problem.

As we remain divided along political and cultural lines, unity cannot happen. Unity is a byproduct of simple and achievable goals.

I realize that in a climate as is fostered here today it would be naive to think that those with the stick would actually limit themselves or the government behemoth.

If they don’t want the simple route to unity, then I suspect that what they actually want is capitulation.

Mel Kepner



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