Election is over: Stop bashing Trump

The election is over, and Joe Biden is in the White House. So why are the Democrat socialists still bashing former President Donald Trump? They should be out there celebrating.

In my opinion, and I hope I’m still entitled to have one, Trump was the best president since Ronald Reagan.

In a March 4 letter, Elizabeth Shade was incensed by Rush Limbaugh mocking Michael J. Fox’s involuntary movements caused by his Parkinson’s.

If this really occurred (I never saw it) then I’m incensed also. But of course, Ms. Shade had to bring Trump into it. Shade has so much hatred in her heart for President Trump that I actually feel sorry for her.

Does Shade remember when Jane Fonda was in Hanoi and took notes that POWs handed her asking for help? She in turn, handed them over to the Vietcong, which resulted in more severe beatings and mistreatment.

Well, last month, The National Film Institute awarded Fonda with a Golden Globe Award.

Now I realize that it isn’t exactly the President’s Medal of Freedom of Honor, but the double standard is there, plain and simple.

If you’re a Democrat, you can get away with something that vile, but God forbid if a Republican pins a medal on another conservative, he is wrong and criticized for it.

God bless America while there’s still a chance he will.

Barbara E. Black



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