COVID-19 relief bill creates too much debt

The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill is being pushed through Congress via the reconciliation process.

Reconciliation only requires a majority vote, eliminating the filibuster. Democrats claim this is necessary because time is of the essence, even though billions in funds have not been distributed from the last relief package.

The last two bills were accomplished with bipartisan legislation. It doesn’t seem President Joe Biden is interested in uniting the county after all.

Reconciliation is being pushed because Democrats don’t want debate on the bill. Debate would expose the wasteful spending for pet priorities having nothing to do with COVID-19.

I downloaded the 591-page bill. It contains a lot of things to help the American people and small businesses. It is also loaded with wasteful spending. Here are just a few “COVID-19 Relief” items included:

* Sect. 1005 — $1 billion for “socially disadvantaged farmers” debt forgiveness.

* Sect. 2008 — $35 million for Howard University (Kamala Harris’ alma mater).

* Sect. 2021– $135 million for the National Endowment of the Arts.

* Sect. 2024 — $10 million for the “Preservation & Maintenance of Native American Languages.”

* Sect. 3036 — $50 million for “Family Planning.” Can you say abortions?

* Sect. 3301 — $100 million “to address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations.”

* Sect. 2001 — $129 billion for public school reopening, $60 billion to be spent after 2023. I would hope schools will be open by then.

Included is $350 billion for state governments. The states do need assistance, but this is excessive.

Reportedly $50 billion will go to New York, which has run budget deficits for years. As of January of this year, the projected 2021 deficit is nearing $15 billion (the state is over $150 billion in debt).

This is clearly a bailout to the irresponsible spending that has been going on for years. Seems the Democrats want all American taxpayers to bail out irresponsible state spending in the name of COVID-19.

This bill is a disgrace and the American taxpayers should be outraged by the waste in it. How long can we continue to print money before it comes back to haunt us?

Bill Beck

Roaring Spring


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