Why is Altoona so far behind with vaccines?

I am a resident of Altoona. I am 68 years old. I lost my beloved husband of over 20 years to COVID-19 on Nov. 23, 2020.

He was the love of my life, my soul mate. He was the kindest, gentlest and caring man I had ever met. He cared about all people. He could talk to everyone and truly be listening to what they had to say.

I am so sad. I have already paid the ultimate price for this nightmare.

My letter is about why, even now, I cannot sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine here in Altoona. Nobody in this town is making a list of people who want the vaccine, here in Altoona.

I managed to get on a list in Bellefonte, two places in Duncansville and one in Cresson but nothing here.

Why is that?

I heard last week a friend had an appointment at the Rite Aide in Hollidaysburg and when I tried, they had no more appointments. They were trying to get me to sign up in Huntingdon. Why Huntingdon and not Altoona?

It’s winter right now, and the last thing I want to do is travel on these roads. I have an older sister and friend here in Altoona. They are caretakers of her 96-year-old mother, and they can’t get the vaccine either.

These two don’t have easy access to the internet, and I have tried to help with phone numbers. Remember each person has to sign up individually. I know many other people in the same situation of living here and not being able to get on a list here in Altoona.

Why is this so hard? We have Senior Centers. Why are they not being utilized?

This is truly a nightmare, and when will I wake up? When will all of us?

Gail Thompson


Rutherford, Coon

would help AASD

We’re heading towards another primary election in May.

The Altoona Area School Board is one of the contested races, and with four seats up for grabs, it’s important to get to know the candidates.

I’ll personally be voting for Stevie Rutherford and Mike Coon.

Both are go-getters, eager to create solutions to resolve AASD’s growing deficit, stabilize the district financially and properly prepare our students for college and life by improving the quality of education.

They have no political or personal agendas — only those of our students, their families and our community. They will truthfully represent the best interests of the citizens of our school district, and they will work to bring all board members together, laying aside the strife and division that we’ve been seeing for years.

So, on Tuesday, May 18, I highly encourage you to vote Rutherford and Coon for Altoona Area School Board.

Devin Spradling



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